While building a project there is lots more than an idea and hard work to make it a success. When you think of a project related to IoT you need a lot of hardware material such as sensors, board, tools, etc. Sometimes finding these can be a hassle and it can be too costly which can make a rapid increase in the project cost. Therefore, we provide you with a complete solution for your project so that you don’t need to take the stress of gathering essentials.


We are partners with different industries for PCB manufacturing and assembly, 3D printing, and Moulding, saving a lot of client’s time by taking care of complete product requirements. We work alongside these partners and get the product developed in the most methodical way. keeping our clients out of all the hassle and getting everything done so that the client doesn’t have to communicate with multiple businesses for a project.


3D printed enclosure and moulds

The 3D printing enclosures are used to build the prototype of the product. The prototype created from the 3D printing process is made up of high quality material. The prototype gives the finishing almost the same as the final product. The materials we use for 3D printing and moulds are of top notch quality. We are partners with the providers of top quality 3D printing enclosures and moulds. Therefore helping you with the services we look forward to helping you in saving your time.

PCB manufacturing services

We are the service provider of PCB design. The Gerber file obtained from the PCB design is given to our partner PCB manufacturers. We are closely associated with the PCB manufacturers and assure you that they design the PCB board as per the design given to them after your approval. The quality and reliability of PCB boards our manufactures deliver are best in the market. We recommend you the best and guarantee the result oriented services.


Components Sourcing from different manufacturers

While manufacturing a device many components are required and most of the time these components are not available at one shop. We have collaboration with the top manufacturer of components used in circuit designing, smart devices, embedded systems, etc. As the components such as sensors, circuit boards, actuators, electrical components etc. required in a device are of various makes and have different country of origin, we make that easy for the client by doing it at our end.

PCB Assembly Services

After PCB manufacturing and collecting all the components the next step is to assemble everything. We have partners having expertise in the field of PCB assembly services. They provide assembly for very fine components such as BGA,Fine Pitch Parts like QFN, QFP,Small Chip Packages like 0201,0402 etc. We assure you that we will deliver the best PCB board assembled as per your requirements and design.



We provide outsourced services to our clients so that the time they spend in negotiating with the dealers. We are in this field of developing IoT based devices and products from years hence we know where to find what. Therefore, we help you in finding the right sensors, boards, devices and service providers with the best budget for you.

Connect with us for assistance

If you are looking for assistance to help you out with the right products and services for your IoT development, or embedded system development then you are at the right place. We at PsiBorg Technologies just know where you can find the essentials for your project. Connect with us for our Outsourced services.


What type of outsource services are available ?

Are these outsource service providers trustworthy ?

Yes all the service providers are trustworthy and reliable as we had taken the services before.

Will they manufacture and deliver the best products ?

Yes the service providers will provide best quality materials and products.

What are PCB moulds ?

The PCB moulds are used for making product prototypes with 3D enclosures. These are made up of high quality material so that it gives the impression of

What are 3D enclosures ?

The 3D printing enclosures are used to build the product prototype. The prototype is made up of high quality material which is similar to the final product.

Who will be responsible for designing my PCB ?

Our PCB designers will design your PCB with the latest softwares and tools.