Building a Logistics Website

Logistics is used more broadly to refer to the process of coordinating and moving resources – people, materials, inventory, and equipment – from one location to storage at the desired destination. The term logistics originated in the military, referring to the movement of equipment and supplies to troops in the field.

How does logistics work?

A logistics company functions in two directions:

  • Forward Direction – Distribution and delivery of goods to buyers.
  • Reverse Direction – Exchanging or replacement of defective, damaged, or wrong shipments.

Both these processes become easy if logistics are managed and controlled by an eCommerce company.

Working in forwarding Direction

For an eCommerce company, logistics in the forward direction involves receiving an online order, arranging for the item, packaging, preparing its invoice, dispatching, and delivering the item to the customer’s doorstep. The time between receiving the order and its distribution depends on the availability of the material and the location of the consignee. For specific locations, a separate delivery charge could be applicable

From the time of dispatch until delivery of a consignment, it is the responsibility of the seller to notify the exact location of a shipment to its respective consignee through tracking SMS or email notifications.

Payment collection is essential for any eCommerce business owner, analogous to a retailer. An online retail company should have multiple payment options for a better customer experience such as debit/ credit cards, bank transfers, and COD (cash on delivery). In a country like India where buyers are more comfortable with dealing with physical money, the COD option is of utmost significance.

Working in Reverse Direction

Despite the best efforts, the possibility of incorrect or damaged shipments cannot be ruled out. In such situations efficient reverse logistics is essential. It is the responsibility of logistics to take back these defective or damaged materials and replace them with proper order that satisfies the customer within a reasonable time. A hassle-free exchange or replacement process goes a long way in building trust between the buyer and an eCommerce company.

6 Features of Logistics Website

1. Real-time order Tracking

Freight senders and receivers need to keep their hands on the pulse and know where the shipment currently is. An essential feature to create a logistics website is real-time tracking. All the customer needs to do is to enter the shipment ID into the tracking field and see its

progress. Major transportation and logistics providers offer order tracking on their websites. In addition to being very convenient and stress-reducing, this feature can reduce the risks of accidental delays or mistakes.

2. Cost and time calculation

Timely delivery is often crucial for businesses because it’s about their procurement workflows and also for individuals who rely on your B2C (business to customer) logistics. So, according to the best logistics website design practices, your website needs to inform customers about the estimated delivery time so they know what to expect. Calculating the transportation costs (based on the weight, distance, country, and other factors that you are using in your logistics business model) is even easier and more predictable.

3. Online ordering

Best logistics company website design enables clients to book their shipment 24/7 from any device in a simple form. You will also need a centralized order and billing management dashboard on your website for admins with all the details of the order, which will greatly improve their operational efficiency.

4. Secure online payment

It’s great to give customers an option to pay for the logistics services directly on your website — e-commerce helps the logistics industry thrive. So one of the best tracking website’s ideas is to provide a secure payment gateway. To attract more customers, you can offer multiple payment options so customers can choose based on their preferences.

5. Feedback and Awards

Potential customers need to know they can entrust their freight to someone reliable. That’s why feedback, stars, awards, certificates, and similar elements that enhance your reputation should be placed on the main page of your transport and logistics company website.

6. Mobile browsing

It is crucial to create a logistics website with full mobile compatibility. Be sure your web pages can be viewed and used conveniently from any device. Buttons, forms, shipment tracking features — everything should be well-positioned and easy to click on. You can also create an IoT mobile app for your transportation and logistics company, but remember that many users will not install it due to their device capacity limitations or just because they are not used to apps.[/vc_column_text]

Characteristics of Logistics

Strong Customer Service

Whether it’s a large number of goods or just a few in the shipment, questions about the current shipment need to be answered in real-time and assistance should be available. The best logistics companies are responsive and able to answer all the questions 


There are many details involved in shipping — no matter if the shipment is large or small. The best companies will ensure that no detail is overlooked and even the smallest detail is well taken care of. You will have less to worry about when it comes to your shipments with the best logistics transportation company.

Offer Many services

As one looks for the best companies, he/she wants to consider those that not only offer transportation logistics services but that also cover all the shipment needs. Whether you are looking for flatbed trucking, full truckload services, or even oversize trucking services, the best companies will work with you to ensure it happens.

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