IoT Dashboard


Connect your smart devices and sensors with an IoT dashboard for a better and easy handling.

iot cloud platform


An IoT cloud platform or dashboard is a place where the capabilities of IoT and cloud computing bring forth added value for consumer and business applications. It provides a ‘meeting point’ for all the connected devices and serves to collect and handle the data they deliver over the network. This includes the Integration of analytic tools with a custom based solution or a platform of your choice to generate actionable insights.


We also implement edge computing on IoT devices instead of the traditional cloud computing to ensure lower latency rates and quicker data offloading time and to provide the ability to manage more access points. However, choosing between the two depends on the user application.

iot dashboard


To create more impactful experiences and maximize the potential of your Digital Signage Channel, we offer a personal dashboard that integrates IoT. With the commitment of speed and scale digital transformation, we bring together infrastructure, applications, and security to secure the full potential of the cloud. Regardless of where you are in the process, we help you get the most value throughout the entire life cycle and distance yourself from the competition.


We at Psiborg develop Best IoT dashboard as per your requirements so that if you want to add multiple devices then you don’t have to worry about. The dashboard we provide is flexible and easy to handle. It will collect and handle data from multiple devices and multiple parameters. The data will be displayed graphically and in a creative way so that it looks attractive while using. Assurity of a simple and powerful dashboard is what we stand out as the best.

iot dashboard
IoT dashboard working


Our IoT dashboard is a web-based software that allows you to control your surroundings, gather information from connected devices, and manage its functions. The IoT Dashboard is an IoT control panel that can achieve many different goals for any business. Correlate and alert on data from disparate edge devices and cloud backends.


Our IoT dashboard analyzes sensor telemetry, machine health, traces, and metrics in a single pane of glass. It leverages advanced anomaly detection and forecasting features for predictive maintenance of IoT assets and scale-up across hundreds or thousands of devices in minutes.

What is an IoT dashboard ?

An IoT dashboard is the control panel for the IoT devices. It can be seen as a data visualisation tool where real time values will be displayed that are collected by the smart device.

Why do I need an IoT dashboard ?

AN IoT dashboard is required to control the smart device and to keep a check on the device functionalities

Do I need a different dashboard for different smart devices ?

No more than one smart device can be integrated with one IoT dashboard. All you need to do is sitch the IoT devices from the dashboard window.

Will my dashboard change it's terms according to location ?

The IoT dashboard works according to the device. If the device location changes then the IoT dashboard will display the data accordingly.

How can I access my IoT dashboard with my mobile ?

You can access the IoT dashboard via mobile application which is associated with the smart device and dashboard.

Can an IoT dashboard tell whenever there is physical damage to the device ?

Yes, an IoT dashboard is designed by keeping in mind that any damage to the device can be detected in early age without a delay.