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IoT Consultation and conceptualization Services

With years of hands-on experience of working with Full stack IoT Development, we have built an expertise in the field. To share our work experiences and  our knowledge we provide consulting services for IoT products. The consultation provided by us can help you enhance your product design and build robust and secure IoT devices.

Hands-On experience in IoT products

Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of IoT from sensors, security ,data analysis, digital transformation, architecting IoT solutions, Integration of different analytical tools and cloud platforms, FoTA updates to product planning, and IoT Strategy planning. We offer consulting in IoT services to help in  implementing and evolving your IoT solution, enhancing product designs and create ingenious solutions.From consultancy on ideation, product planning, implementation, to maintenance of IoT solutions, we can help you at any stage of your IoT Product Development Lifecycle.

Consulting in iot product conceptualization services

Working experience with different technology stacks

IoT is not a product but a technology or rather combination of existing technologies which includes, Designing electronics Hardware ,programming the hardware, connecting it to various APIs and backend and development of application which can be Cloud application or a Mobile Application.One of our approach while building an IoT solution is, We always keep our Designs Modular, so that we could substitute new peripherals with different specifications whenever required and some other integrations can be done in the same design for evolving requirements of Clients. This saves a lot of time as well as other resources.

Developed Wide range of IoT solutions

We have experience of working with various smart products ranging from Smart agriculture, Industrial automation, converting traditional systems into smart to a diverse range of personal and home security Devices. We are experienced in working with clients from India, USA, Australia, South Africa, United kingdom and Indonesia, and totally understand the standards followed in different countries.

Consulting in iot product conceptualization services

Consulting in IoT at PsiBorg

After understanding your Business Objectives for the IoT solution and preparing a detailed document for the requirements by brainstorming from different perspectives to cover all the aspects of the IoT product, the Roadmap for your IoT journey is created with well defined milestones of the deliverables. A robust, secure and scalable architecture is designed along with the selection of complete technology stack to be implemented. Hardware (microcontroller, modules , power management controllers etc) is selected after having thorough research based on many factors.

A PoC is created which is a simplified prototype of the IoT solution to validate the functionality of the product.

We deliver the whole IoT solution or take any part of implementation such as enabling communication between IoT Devices, integration with Cloud services, Device to server communication etc.
With an in-depth understanding of IoT and related technologies, our team is ready to bring your digital transformation initiative to life.

How can I consult for my smart device ?

You can share your query via mail with full device specifications along with the pictures of your device if already developed.

Can I get my smart device and application reviewed under this service ?

Yes we can review your smart device or application and will give you suggestions for the project.

Can I get suggestions about my smart device ?

Yes you can get best suggestions from us and we will provide you with a prototype of your device so that you can get a clear picture of your product.

Can I get consultation for a US/UK based IoT application ?

Yes we provide consultation services all around the globe.