PCB Design Services

Printed circuit boards represented a shot from electronic technology, where designs began to shrink in size and triple their capabilities to earlier versions. These designs present many difficulties for their correct operation, due to the joint work of all the components and the possible interference between them. So, that's where our PCB designing services come to help the customers.
With an increasing demand for quality PCB designs in the competitive technology market, we provide design services by experts who understand all technological requirements and are also well aware and updated in the field of components, including communication modules, power management ICs, microcontrollers, and processors, etc. This is the most complete of the electronic design services we offer. It includes everything from designing the system architecture to a functional prototype....It consists of the following steps:
System Architecture Design - Construction of a high-level diagram that provides an overview of the entire system. This diagram defines the component of each subsystem as well as its connections to others.
chematic Diagram Design - Electronic diagrams for each circuit that will be part of the system.
PCB Design- Printed circuit board design brings electronic circuits to life Using layout software, the PCB design process combines component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a manufactured circuit board.
CAD or 3D design- CAD design of the system PCB printed circuit boards. It can consist of one or more PCB cards depending on the architecture and complexity of the system.
Component sourcing - Procurement of electronic parts/components for PCB printed circuit boards prior to the soldering process.
PCB Assembly - Soldering process of electronic components on PCB printed circuit boards.
irmware / Software Design - Code for each programmable device that is part of the system.
Validation Testing - Quality Assurance for Hardware and Firmware / Software.
The final product of the Full Electronic Design service is a functional prototype that includes schematic design files and PCB printed circuits, as well as the source code for each programmable device and an operation manual.