IoT Development Lifecycle

What is IoT Solutions development life cycle?

Everything occurs with an idea. Whether it is pin or pen, someone must have thought about the idea before the launch of the final product.The process of conception to product is known as the Product Development Life Cycle. An IoT solution development lifecycle consists of both software and hardware development. We all are already aware of the software development life cycle, but the hardware part is still not very much cleared .Although the hardware part of an IoT solution requires a complete understanding of the product, sensors, firmware ,circuit design, etc. Let’s understand the stages involved in development of an IoT solution

Brainstorming on IoT solution feasibility
Inception: Understanding, Gathering, and realizing the possibility.

Every project gets started with understanding and getting a list of precise requirements. Discussing the idea with the customer and gathering what he actually wants to achieve with the project is the initial step for the development life cycle. The client is brainstormed with questions related to the project considering power and size estimates and a complete document is created for the requirements. After understanding the idea and gathering the requirements, we analyze the possibility of the project.The functional requirements are given after considering the realm of possibility and  then a strategic plan is created for the IoT solution.

IoT product Development
Design: Transformation of the idea into a circuit design.

Soon after gathering the requirements, the next stage is to design an IoT prototype. A team of engineers starts transforming the idea with specific technologies, software, circuit design, algorithm, and other essential components to build a prototype. In this step,  the right connectivity solution for your IoT product is identified, based on the go-to-market strategy. A walkthrough of cost, battery life, range, and other important factors is given in the built prototype which helps the client to determine which solution will work with the final product. Everything from the ratio of cost/ performance with solutions to the designers’ challenge, is discussed.

IoT product Development
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Review: Reviewing the circuit design and functionality at every point.

Throughout the project, Schematics, layouts, software algorithms and mechanical aspects of the product are reviewed from time to time. It is a crucial stage as the product’s reliability in the future depends on reviewing the loopholes and making it feasible to use in critical conditions. It is important to review the IoT prototype throughout because it helps in improving manufacturing and performance of the product. It also reduces the project cost. The project review phase not only helps in the development phase but also helps in making the product user friendly.

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IoT Prototype: Building a Proof of Concept.

The Proof of Concept in IoT shows how the final product would function with the optimal combination of hardware and software . The prototype of the actual product is built during this phase. The embedded boards, development kits, sensors, simulators, modules, etc. are tested with the firmware written .In the journey till today we have created modules which help us with rapid prototyping. The prototype is developed, keeping in mind the targeted form factor , cost/performance ratio and the design of the enclosure body for the product. The process of IoT prototyping includes various stages and  is done several times till the desired prototype is made without any errors.

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Testing of IoT prototype
Testing and Validation: Testing the prototype and validating it with the customer

After the IoT prototype is complete, the next step is to test it with various conditions and validate it with its software application and server. The prototype and the IoT mobile application or web application are validated before taking it forward for manufacturing processes. The different parameters of the hardware such as signals, voltages, amplitude, magnitude, temperatures, heat conditions, power consumption, etc. are tested. The final prototype is the one which the client approves for manufacturing. At the end of this stage, the delivery of the prototypes, design files, test reports, estimates, and a detailed set of future recommendations is done.

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Manufacturing: Fabrication of the Printed Circuit Board and it’s Assembly.

The product prototype is tested over the assembly line to make the product a success. The manufacturing of the product can be done for bulk products. The test such as stress testing, defects identification, individual components testing is performed for the product. After the issues are identified, the reason for the problem is checked, and the rectification of the problem is done.  The final prototype is given for manufacturing .

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Work Process Page
Maintenance: Product lifetime support.

The development of the product is marked complete at this stage. Now the maintenance part starts. The product needs modifications from time to time to remain up to date with the technologies. The engineers and programmers provide maintenance throughout the product lifetime. You developed the product and now new updates, versions, products with added features, etc. can be enhanced regularly. The firmware updates in IoT devices are provided, and new features are updated every now and then through FOTA. At this stage, the challenge of building an IoT solution is conquered.

This is how a IoT product development process goes like, which involves a knowledge of wireless protocols, firmware development, hardware design , IoT cloud and device integration along with experience in product designing.

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