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Automotive Embedded Devices

Like our homes and offices, our cars have also been connected to our phones for years now. Linked seamlessly, they show the real-time traffic condition, help with the directions, play our playlist (on apps), have sensors to open airbags with just a touch of a button.The automakers clearly saw this need of connecting vehicles with phones coming and this is the reason why we see everyone referring to the GPS and other services on the mobile as they move the steering wheel.

The automotive sector has been long linked with the internet and is nothing new. This is called the Internet of Vehicles. The IoV drives people to their destinations very conveniently. It has got communication, learning, storing and intelligence capabilities that also senses the driver’s intentions.The concept is called the Vehicular Cloud that connects vehicles to the internet. Today, a typical vehicle consists of ECU, TCU, ABS etc. There are OBD connectors from where we can fetch data about the automobile and send it to the cloud.The Antilock braking system, traction control system, airbag control system and car navigation system are some of the applications of automotive embedded systems.