About PsiBorg’s IoT Solutions

With time various IoT devices are evolving for numerous use cases. We are an end-to-end IoT service provider and have expertise in hardware design, wireless connectivity, firmware development and device integration with Cloud, backend and IoT Applications for Mobile and Web.

We have worked and automated various sectors, ranging from Industrial Automation, and Smart Agriculture to IoT Security Devices and have worked with various other use cases which are new to the market and possess great potential.

The capabilities and experience of our team include an end-to-end innovative IoT hardware development process from an idea to a prototype, Custom sized manufacturing design, firmware developmentMobile application developmentIoT dashboard, and quality control. We have built an immense experience in Rapid IoT prototyping and product development with years of journey in the field, which has made us a leading IoT development Company.

As businesses are looking ahead to performing various tasks remotely and with more efficiency, IoT device requirements are rising exponentially. From IoT solutions for manufacturing industry, home automation, and security IoT solutions for Agriculture, , to IoT solutions for smart cities, we have covered all.

PsiBorg technologies is an end-to-end IoT Solutions development company helping its clients in innovating amazing smart devices and solutions by integrating expertise with technology.

IoT Solutions Company

At PsiBorg, we offer end-to-end IoT solution development, including IoT hardware Design to the Cloud/ mobile application associated with the hardware to control and Manage IoT Devices, to the businesses which want to create value for their customers through IoT and Automation.

The Internet of Things is not just a technology, it’s a revolution that has spread rapidly powering every aspect of life. From industries to agriculture, IoT is equally used and benefited.

Organizations working in different domains are rapidly changing their technologies to grab the maximum advantage of IoT in order to magnify their growth aspects.

PsiBorg is a thriving IoT Solutions company focused on building Full stack IoT products , taking care of all the hardware and software needs for the clients, and being No. 1 among industrial IoT solution providers in India.

Our team of electronics design engineers, embedded engineers, and software developers diligently brainstorm and architect the best possible solution with the optimal combination of hardware and software to make every project a success story. Starting from the initial point of choosing the right sensors and other electronic components to move forward with the best IoT company which complements the project best.

Our Development Services

IoT Firmware Integration

Tailored firmware solutions for diverse IoT devices. From remote control to seamless connectivity and effective data collection, we’re here for you.

IoT Hardware Design

From concept to production, we design robust and innovative IoT hardware, laying the foundation for a reliable and scalable IoT ecosystem

Mobile Apps for IoT Devices

We design IoT mobile apps to help you utilize the power of IoT to improve operations, user experience, and create new revenue streams. Let’s build your IoT mobile app.

IoT Dashboards

We build custom dashboards to give valuable, actionable insights, allowing you to improve critical business outcomes and accelerate your business forward.

Edge Computing

Optimize data processing at the edge, reducing latency and enhancing performance in your IoT ecosystem with our edge computing solutions

Custom IoT Product

Transform your ideas into reality with our custom IoT products, designed to meet your specific requirements and industry needs

Why Choose PsiBorg?

Experienced Developers

Rely on our seasoned developers with a proven track record, bringing a wealth of experience to turn your IoT vision into reality.

Cost-Effective Services

Benefit from high-quality IoT solutions that won't break the bank, as we prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising excellence

No Hidden Costs

Experience clarity in your collaboration with us – no hidden costs or surprises, just transparent and honest dealings for a trusting relationship.

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Needs

Save time and effort by choosing us as your one-stop-shop for end-to-end IoT services, covering everything from development to deployment.

Scalability at Its Finest

Our scalable solutions ensure your IoT ecosystem evolves seamlessly with your needs, providing flexibility and adaptability for future growth.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Stay informed at every step with our detailed reporting – whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, we keep you in the loop for a transparent and collaborative partnership.

IoT Use Cases

Smart Agriculture

PsiBorg provides IoT-based smart agriculture solutions to help monitor crop fields using sensors and to automate irrigation systems. We develop IoT solutions for monitoring soils, farms, and crop health in real time for sustainable and profitable farming practices.

Consumer IoT

We help B2C companies upscale their engineering capacity by delivering great IoT solutions that accompany their business ideas. PsiBorg’s consumer IoT solutions enable real-time monitoring, control, and data collection.

Farm Animal Management

PsiBorg offers an all-in-one farm animal management solution and takes care of everything from the sensors to the app. Increase productivity, profitability, and sustainability for your agri-business with IoT.

Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 is led by IoT enabled smart manufacturing solutions. Get Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to support manufacturing operations smartly, optimize productivity, and improve business ROI. We design IoT solutions to optimize manufacturing and production processes.

IoT in Defence

IoT solutions can be applied to the entire defence value chain. Having worked for the defence sector, we understand the needs of defence IoT, and that’s why we are a one-stop company providing end-to-end IoT services to meet defence requirements.

IoT in Logistics

During the transit process, there are chances of delay in shipment delivery, disrupted supply chain, theft, or operator failures, which can lead to a huge loss. We build customized IoT solutions encompassing both hardware and software to provide real-time tracking and monitoring solutions. This will reduce your business costs, and improve efficiency & security, thus making it a valuable and quality solution for your business.

Utilities & energy

PsiBorg helps accelerate the growth of companies in the utility & energy sectors by offering smart IoT solutions. With IoT, you can get real-time analytics data from remote devices, improve operations, future-proofed equipment & processes, and also achieve your sustainability goals while making immense profit.

IoT in Healthcare

The IoT-based solutions are transforming the healthcare industry by redefining the space of devices and people interaction in delivering healthcare solutions. Make use of IoT technology in your hospitals/clinics and laboratories to provide quality care to patients, which improves overall efficiency.

Automotive Embedded Devices

Automotive IoT solutions empower the automotive manufacturing industry by strengthening vehicle performance and the user experience. The benefits of the IoT in the automotive industry are profound and game-changing.

Smart City Solution

Implement smart city solutions to improve urban living, streamline services, boost efficiency, and promote sustainability. Utilize PsiBorg’s smart city development services to integrate data-driven solutions, connecting infrastructure and citizens for a more connected, efficient, and livable urban environment.

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