IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things is not just a technology, it’s a revolution that has spread rapidly powering every aspect of life. From industries to agriculture, IoT is equally used and benefited. Organizations working in different domains are rapidly changing their technologies to grab the maximum advantage of IoT in order to magnify their growth aspects. PsiBorg is a thriving startup focussed on building end-to-end IoT solutions, taking care of all the hardware and software needs for the clients.
At PsiBorg, we believe in magically converting ideas into reality with the Internet of Things. Our team of electronics design engineers, embedded engineers, and software developers diligently brainstorm and architect the best possible solution with the optimal combination of Hardware & Software to make our every project a success story. Starting from the initial point of choosing the right sensors and other electronic components to move forward with the IoT platform which complements the project best, we provide our clients with the most effective result oriented IoT solutions.
Capabilities and Experience of our team include an end-to-end innovative IoT hardware development process from an idea to a prototype, manufacturing design, firmware development, web-application development and quality control.also provide Customized form-factor design and prototyping as per requirement.

We offer full-fledged IoT design services for the development of connected sensor applications. Our experts can handle all challenges related to integration into the existing technology stack for seamless performance and the complete custom IoT Product.
IoT Hardware Product Designing and consulting
  • Building embedded systems with embedded processing, wireless sensor network, edge computing, and different communication protocols
  • Hardware Development from the initial prototype to manufacturing design.
  • Hardware product design (PCB, Firmware)
  • Development of Firmware and Embedded software design and experience with MQTT Server, Cloud Solutions, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Analytics etc.
  • Implementing different network protocols, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, NBIoT, LTE, Cat-M, TCP/IP, LoRaWAN, ZigBee,Z-wave, Sub-1ghz, Cellular, RFID, AMQP, Bluetooth Low Energy and architecture.
IoT platforms
  • Open-source architecture with complete connectivity.
  • Using multi-tenant architecture for providing cost efficiency and security to IoT resources
  • Big data platform
  • Integration of analytic tools with a custom based solution or a platform of your choice to generate actionable insights
Connected Devices
  • Device IoT framework and enablement.
  • Hardware product design (PCB, Firmware) to deliver end-to-end solutions and accelerate time to market.
  • Customized form-factor design and prototyping as per requirement
  • PCB fabrication support and designing implementation flow.
Smart Application
  • Latest platforms and develop robust and secure backends with attractive and responsive frontend.
  • Develop Websites, Mobile, and Web Apps using various technologies.
Consulting in IoT Product Conceptualization Services
  • Full-spectrum of IoT from sensors,.data analysis, security, digital transformation, architecting IoT solutions, Integration of different solutions, product planning, and IoT Strategy planning.
  • Offer consultation services that enable clients to enhance product designs and create ingenious solutions.

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