Smart Agricultural System

With the growth in world population, food consumption also grows rapidly. To meet the demand-supply ratio, change in the agriculture pattern is a necessity.IoT with a combination of various sensors and actuators can bring a change in modern Agriculture Farmers now can increase the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilisers by measuring variation within the field remotely. With the right information and communication technology, one can achieve great results. The technology includes sensors to scan the soil, water, light,temperature and other parameters.There are also data analytics tools to make the correct prediction

Also, to collect data from the field at any time of the day and to keep an eye in the barn, satellites and drones are used. It’s the combination of all these components that help the farmers examine the land at a more granular level. Now they can use pesticides and fertilizers more judiciously. This precision helps on the overall cost reduction and improved goods quality.An increased control over production also leads to waste management as well. Such focused agriculture concentrates on the right growing parameters of the land based on its condition.

IoT driven agriculture is surely laying the foundation for future farming.