Industrial internet of Things

IIoT is changing the way the companies operate from day to day thereby transforming the industries. When the big industrial data analysis is combined with machine to machine communication, great levels of efficiency, productivity and performance are achieved.Initially focusing on improving operational efficiency and automation, the Industrial Internet of Things has a great role to play in intelligence manufacturing and smart industry, asset performance management, industrial control thereby creating a demand service model, revenue model, better ways to serve customers and digital transformation.

Predictive maintenance is an integral part of IIoT, as there can be machineries that could be unsafe for the staff to work on. With IoT, any defects in those machines can be detected before they could harm any worker or stop working due to some small technical snag which could be resolved if known earlier.Today, companies that implement industrial IoT offer increased value to their customers and witness cost-effectiveness in operations. Also, an IIoT enabled unit where the parts of production lines are aware of each other’s activities in real-time become easier to control and run.