Applications of Industrial remote monitoring using IoT

How does Industrial remote monitoring work?

Industrial Remote monitoring using IoT functions with an aim to collect data about the operations of any given unit or machine and send that data back via the cloud, enabling engineers and industry supervisors to take corrective action at the appropriate time.

IoT role in improving and enhancing Industrial monitoring

IoT fully leverages the capabilities of smart machines and deploys real time data analytics to derive actionable insights from the data generated by the machines. Here’s more detail regarding how IoT has improved industrial remote monitoring.

  • Smart machines are equipped with sensors and software that can track and collect data.
  • Cloud computer systems are responsible for storing and processing this data.
  • High-end data analytics systems that derive useful insights from the data collected and relaying these insights to the engineers and industrial supervisors. 
industrial remote monitoring using IoT

Advantages of Industrial Remote monitoring

Increase efficiency

The biggest benefit of IIoT is that it gives manufacturers the ability to automate, and therefore optimize their operating efficiency. Robotics and automated machinery can work more efficiently and accurately, boosting productivity and helping manufacturers streamline their functions. 

IIoT-enabled data systems empower manufacturers to improve operating efficiencies by:

  • Bypassing manual tasks and functions and implementing automated, digital ones
  • Making data-driven decisions regarding all manufacturing functions
  • Monitoring performance from anywhere – on the manufacturing floor or from thousands of miles away

 Reduce Errors

Industrial IoT empowers manufacturers to digitize nearly every part of their business. By reducing manual process and entries, manufacturers are able to reduce the biggest risk associated with manual labor–human error.

Reduce Costs

Knowledge is power, and the knowledge provided to manufacturers via IIoT solutions is giving them the tools they need to reduce costs and generate more revenue. Data-driven insights into operations, production, marketing, sales, and more can steer businesses in a profitable direction.

monitoring solutions using iot consists of following components


These are multiple sensor based IoT devices which collects data of the system needs to be monitored. These devices are responsible for Sensor data collection. They must be secure and reliable.


Wi-Fi in remote monitoring solutions

Wi-Fi is a local area network (LAN) that provides internet access within a limited range, so it can be used for IIoT applications that run in a local environment. Being a star network (where there’s one central hub and all nodes or devices connect to it), it’s easy to add or remove devices without affecting the rest of the network

Bluetooth as connectivity protocol

Bluetooth is a short range technology that is cheap, but it does not work unless terminals are used within the same room of an access point. In an industrial IoT setting, Bluetooth works well if sensors are distributed nearly uniformly throughout an area (HVAC sensors, lights) but not so well for irregular deployments (power monitors, paper dispensers, industrial monitors).

Cellular networks for data transmission 

Cellular networks exist in most places, and they are managed by cellular network providers, making it an attractive option for IoT communication. LTE-M and NB-IoT are two cellular systems used for IoT devices. 

Low Power Wide Area Networks

This technology, which includes LoRaWAN, Symphony Link, and Sigfox, among others, is ideal for connecting devices that send and receive small data packets over long distances while using very little power


To complete your system you need industrial IoT application or industrial Automation apps software responsible for analyzing the collected and transmitted data. The software also makes decisions and, in some cases, pushes commands back to controls at the edge.

Use cases of Remote Monitoring solutions

Remote monitoring is necessity in various fields where manpower is deployed to check processes in time intervals which can easily be transformed into smart and can be monitored remotely.

Remote monitoring of your Machines and electrical devices

Sensors can be added to new or existing plants in order to monitor exterior parameters—like AC current consumption and vibration levels—through a retrofit process to look for pumps that need maintenance or are approaching failure. Other examples include sensor-based monitoring of low voltage induction motors. Another application of IoT based remote industrial monitoring is predictive maintenance of machines. IoT based predictive maintenance helps achieve more efficient use of existing industrial machines and equipment by enabling in prediction of machine failures. This helps in the reduction of maintenance issues. It can also help in identifying the causes of delays, whether they’re internal or external, this leading to reduced downtime and increased machine availability.

Energy consumption monitoring

Energy consumption monitoring  platform is a growing area of use of IoT.  With the help of this solution, there is a complete transformation in the way people and companies use and control electricity, electrical devices, loads and power storage. It consists of smart hardware, software and data tools. After installing the IoT based energy consumption monitoring system, a house, office building or any other facility turns into a smart space with more features and capabilities for power consumption monitoring and control.

With facilities for scheduling the time for on and off of appliances, you can save energy like never before.

Server room monitoring

IoT enabled server room monitoring systems help you closely monitor the ambient conditions in your server room to help you protect your critical server room assets from damage. Different types of ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity monitoring in server room, power surges, water leaks, flooding, fire and smoke, and chemical material leakages can be monitored with the help of carefully placed sensors in the different server room equipment. With the help of IoT based server room monitoring systems, you can rest assured about the safety of your critical server room assets and uninterrupted data flows. Rack level temperature, ambient temperature monitoring, water and fluid leakage monitoring are commonly what server room monitoring consists of.

Remote Monitoring of server Room using IoT

Insect farm monitoring

Insect farming refers to the process of production of useful goods from insects. It includes activities like the rearing and breeding of insects. The survival of insects and their production yield requires that proper ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, illumination be maintained. Insect farming requires close monitoring of temperature and other critical parameters for efficient control and maintenance which requires increased manpower and work times. 

With the help of IoT, all the ambient conditions in insect farming processes can be monitored more closely and accurately in the real-time with the help of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, light sensors etc.

Fleet monitoring

IoT has revolutionized fleet monitoring through fuel use monitoring and savings, route optimization, driver monitoring, engine monitoring and preventive maintenance. This has resulted in more efficiency of the fleet and greater savings. All this has been done with the help of sensors and efficient wireless networks

Solar Power Monitoring

The IoT based solar monitoring system performs centralized remote monitoring and tracking the real-time performance data of the solar assets such as performance degradation, energy usage, downtime, losses etc causing generation loss.


Challenges in IoT based Remote Industrial monitoring

  • Cybersecurity threats
  • Integration of Industrial IoT components such as sensors, radio, software, communication systems and protocol with existing operational technology in industries.
  • High cost of IIoT 

Industrial remote monitoring has a bright future with more R&D and investments being made to integrate industrial processes with the IoT technology. 


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