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M2M communication and connected Devices

Machine to machine (M2M) is a wide concept that can be used to describe any technology that allows networked devices to exchange information and inform actions automatically without human interference. Machine to machine systems are standalone network equipment that use point-to-point communication between machines, sensors and hardware. Today, M2M is among the fastest growing technologies because it can connect millions of devices within a single network.

The communication between systems is carried out by artificial intelligence and machine learning enabling them to make their autonomous decisions. It includes a wireless network in the industrial IoT and since it is wireless, more applications can be connected. M2M virtually enables any sensor to communicate and the systems monitor themselves and automatically respond. Any two or more machines wired or wirelessly can communicate with one another. The data is stored and translated to help in automatic actions. A vending machine can alert the distributor’s network when a particular item is running out of stock and to send a refill. M2M is vital in supply chain management and warehouse management systems..