Building Management System


The building management system is a computer-based control system installed in a building to inspect and control the electrical and mechanical equipment of a building like power system, lighting and ventilation. The entire electric system is centrally regulated, thereby decreasing operating costs and consumption.


BMS aims at providing smart automation for the building to make them safer, more secure and cost-efficient and eventually making a regular building a smart one. The effectiveness of a BMS depends on the range and quality of the information received from the sensors. For instance, information on external and internal conditions is monitored to control the building’s heating level.

Building Management System


Buildings today of all sizes are having such control systems which allow people to connect to their premise. Earlier people come back home, and they are required to adjust everything from the initial level. If they left the light switch off, there is no way to switch it off if not in the room. But with building management systems, everything from light switches to door locks can be managed from anywhere. It allows people to switch on the lights, heat the room or cool it before their arrival.


Building management systems decrease the energy consumption of a building. This is because you can switch on or off any appliance without even physically present in the room. Hence it saves energy as well as makes the building environmentally friendly. Also, security is increased, and buildings can be monitored in real-time from anywhere.


In short, BMS is basically a system with sensors that track daily reading of the maintenance systems...The use of IoT data in building to make informed decisions to enhance the experience of the residents, staff and management, streamlines the process and yield profits.

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