Embedded Hardware Design

Today numerous devices connect to the Internet, capable of talking to each other and humans. We know the difficulties involved in understanding this entire Ecosystem and taking advantage of all this generated knowledge. At PsiBorg, we are specialists in moulding complex architectures and covering all kinds of needs so that we turn your idea into a product that completely covers your needs.


We build embedded systems with our experience and understanding in embedded processing, wireless sensor networks, edge computing, and different communication protocols. Our PCB designers can design multi-layer PCB boards with perfection.


We are into rapid prototyping as we have developed modules during our journey till today. We ensure that we follow the right manufacturing process, best design principles for manufacturing, and correct material for the device. Our team also makes sure that the product is designed to withstand the environment and must comply with quality and safety standards. We have Designed Nodes, and Gateways for IoT solutions that can be customized for various Cloud Services and Analytical tools Leverage our design and development expertise for Hardware Development from the initial prototype to manufacturing design.

iot hardware design


We can custom-build the devices you need for your project. Our goal is that the products we develop are useful and effective in solving your problems. Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to always stay abreast of technological innovation with ultra-modern developments that use the most advanced technologies.


PsiBorg adds a high value to the electronic and productive design process by selecting the components used, especially in your project, thanks to our close relationship with our suppliers. Besides, designing a device from scratch allows us to join forces in the areas of design and electronics so that both the integration of both and the testing of the product are carried out from the early stages of development.

What is embedded hardware ?

An embedded hardware is the hardware part used in embedded systems. The embedded hardware includes all the physical devices such as sensors, actuators, registers, ICs, etc.

What are the embedded hardware challenges in IoT product development ?

The embedded hardware development comes with numerous challenges including MCU choice, technology, power optimization, security, etc. Read more about embedded hardware challenges at

How do I design an embedded system hardware ?

  1. Inception: Understanding, Gathering, and realizing the possibility.
  2. Design: Transformation of the idea into a circuit design
  3. Review: Reviewing the circuit design and functionality at every point.
  4. Prototype: Building a Proof of Concept
  5. Testing and Validation: Testing the prototype and validating it with the customer.
  6. Manufacturing: Fabrication of the Printed Circuit Board and it’s Assembly.
  7. Maintenance: Product lifetime support

What material will be used in embedded hardware design ?

Embedded hardware design can be a tedious job. The material used for designing and development of embedded hardware is based on the functionalities of the system.