Embedded Hardware Design


We build embedded systems with our experience and understanding in embedded hardware design, embedded processing, wireless sensor networks, edge computing, and different communication protocols. Our PCB designers can design multi-layer PCB boards with perfection.


We are into rapid prototyping as we have developed modules during our journey till today. We ensure that we follow the right manufacturing process, best design principles for manufacturing, and correct material for the device. Our team also makes sure that the product is designed to withstand the environment and must comply with quality and safety standards. We have Designed Nodes, and Gateways for IoT solutions that can be customized for various Cloud Services and Analytical tools Leverage our design and development expertise for embedded Hardware Devsign from the initial prototype to manufacturing design. While designing a hardware, our engineers are very careful about common design mistakes in PCB.

Embedded Hardware Design
Electronics hardware


We custom-build the devices and as a part of the IoT hardware design and development, we provide IoT software architecture, IoT firmware integration, IoT database solutions, sensor integration, edge computing, FoTA Updates in IoT hardware and custom IoT platform development. Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to always stay abreast of technological innovation with ultra-modern developments that use the most advanced technologies in embedded hardware design.


  • A Block Diagram of all the sections needed to attain the required functionality of the project. Noting how many input/output ports are required and the communication interfaces.
  • Memory and power requirements are analysed.
  • After the hardware requirements it’s time to know about the software architecture and requirements as they greatly affect hardware.By this stage, major components and technology stack required is selected.
Electronics hardware


  • Generation of Gerber File .Submitting Manufacturing data to PCB manufacturers.
  • Fabrication of PCB and Assembly of Components.
  • Optimization of BoM Cost and Finalization of schematic and Pcb layout.

Unit Testing of PCB and Hardware Validation Testing

  • Quality Analysis of manufactured PCB as well as Unit Testing of PCBs.
  • The test such as stress testing, defects identification, individual components testing is performed for the product.
  • This also includes validation testing of Hardware is done with backend and server. The reports are carefully watched and the bugs and errors , if found any, are resolved.
  • After correction the Hardware is set for Bulk production.
Hardware Design

What is embedded hardware ?

An embedded hardware is the hardware part used in embedded systems. The embedded hardware includes all the physical devices such as sensors, actuators, registers, ICs, etc.

What are the embedded hardware challenges in IoT product development ?

The embedded hardware development comes with numerous challenges including MCU choice, technology, power optimization, security, etc. Read more about embedded hardware challenges at

How do I design an embedded system hardware ?

  1. Inception: Understanding, Gathering, and realizing the possibility.
  2. Design: Transformation of the idea into a circuit design
  3. Review: Reviewing the circuit design and functionality at every point.
  4. Prototype: Building a Proof of Concept
  5. Testing and Validation: Testing the prototype and validating it with the customer.
  6. Manufacturing: Fabrication of the Printed Circuit Board and it’s Assembly.
  7. Maintenance: Product lifetime support

What material will be used in embedded hardware design ?

Embedded hardware design can be a tedious job. The material used for designing and development of embedded hardware is based on the functionalities of the system.