Home Security and automation using WSN

Wireless Sensor Network

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a network of distributed and autonomous security devices for homes, buildings etc. that use sensors to track what’s happening in the surrounding area. The sensor nodes used in WSN systems are integrated with the onboard processors and sensors. The complete circuitry manages the operation and monitors it mainly. Everything is connected with the base station known as the WSN gateway unit. This sensor network is used in home security and automation to make houses safer.


The security of the place you are living in is the most concerning topic. There might be kids playing when you are away or old parents at home. In such a situation, you always want to feel secure and safe about your family and home. IoT based smart home alert and door access control systems are built to rectify your worries about your home’s security when you are not around. Our IoT based home security solutions are  built with technology and years of experience. We design safe products for home security and automate the processes of security.

Home automation
Home security and automation


The most critical component for home security and automation is the network configuration. The devices (nodes) are connected with a gateway to gain communication between the nodes. The application of Wireless Sensor Network in an IoT smart home is noteworthy. Home automation is basically the automation of all the activities at home. It includes a combined control of lightning, appliances, safety locks of doors & gates and HVAC (heating, ventilation & AC).And all these appliances and sensors mostly communicate on LPWAN.


The devices can be controlled by connecting them with your smartphones and controlling the switches by just a touch on the phone in a mobile application from anywhere in the world. The electrical appliances are accessed through the internet. It is commonly used in domestic activities like entertainment, garden watering, feeding pets etc. everyone dreams of a smart home where they can remote control all the activities.

Home security and automation


Home automation can be used to enhance security. Some sensors can detect smoke, suspicious motions, glass breaking and the like. It is also very important to install door security systems with IoT based smart cameras so that you know who is at your doorstep even when you’re away from the house and can get alerts in case of an intrusion. This IoT based home security and automation system provides you with unique features, low cost, easy implementation and tight security. You can look out for your house even if you are away, which can help you save lots of issues that can bang your doorsteps without a knock.

Home Automation Features

  • Schedule your devices smartly as per your needs.
  • Control the devices with your voice.
  • Get real-time monitoring of the equipment on your mobile screen via device IoT dashboard.
  • Store your data on the cloud without thinking about storage memory.
  • With Machine Learning , Devices can be intelligently turned ON or OFF.
home security

Where to start for home automation project using IoT?

Firstly, List down all the features you want us to integrate in the home automation solution you are looking for. Then after project approval, an app screen wireframe is provided considering all the features and alongside we start working on hardware.

What sensors are used in Home Security?

The sensors used in Home Security system are motion detection sensors, LPG detection sensors, Flame Sensors, Temperature sensors , Door and window sensors etc.

How much does a home automation system cost?

The cost of a home automation system totally depends on the features you are looking to integrate. The Home Automation App costing is also variable depending upon how you want the app to look like and how scalable and dynamic you want the app to be.

What are the Top five trending features in Home Automation?

  1. Turning on/ off lights from your Phone.
  2. Scheduling ON and OFF time for appliances like AC and geysers.
  3. Sensor Network Protecting the House.
  4. Energy consumption monitoring reports
  5. Controlling Devices from Voice Commands.

What are the advantages of Home Automation and security?

Home automation lets you monitor and control your household appliances remotely. It can also provide you alerts if your Gas stove, window, door etc has remained ON.

What is the future Scope of Home automation and security Applications?

With the rise in AI and ML , the appliances can be made more intelligent.

Does PsiBorg also develop automation Apps with IoT Devices?

At PsiBorg , we provide home automation App development , Personal security Apps and other IoT mobile and web Applications along with the IoT hardware design.