IoT based tracking devices and panic buttons

Emergencies can strike anywhere, at any time. We have to be vigilant about our own safety along with our loved ones and our homes. In such life altering situations one may not have the time to navigate through apps to make calls, hence, in times like these IoT based tracking devices and panic buttons come to the rescue. 

Types of IoT based tracking devices and panic buttons  for various emergency systems

Personal SoS devices

If you generally work till late or return home alone after work, this tracker  might prove to be very useful for you. How this works is, there is a personal SoS device that is connected to an IoT mobile app. You can go to the app and add your emergency contacts. When in distress, you can press the button on your device and your contacts will receive an auto-generated call, a text message and a push notification showing them your live location.  

IoT based tracking devices and panic buttons

Sensor based Wearable tracking Devices- (detects accidental fall , accident, patient’s status monitoring, elderly health etc)

IoT based panic buttons and Fall detectors are very famous sensors based wearables. Generally used by people with restricted mobility, those with disabilities or bedridden elderlies, this device is worn around the wrist or the neck.As such people cannot reach out to a button, so this device uses accelerometers to detect the fall. Fall monitors basically 9-axis sensor, in the device can measure if a person has fallen by detecting any sudden changes in the body and immediately activate the emergency fall alert. 

Finders for your belongings

Is it just me or do you even keep losing your keys, wallets, phones all the time? It can be very frustrating when you can’t find your essentials when you’re on your way out. IoT based tags can come to your rescue. These tags can be put on various devices that you want to keep track of. An app is installed in your smartphone, using which you can ring the device to find your object. This can work the other way around too. You can press the button on these devices to track your phone. The devices work using Bluetooth, but when not in bluetooth range, you can use the app on your smartphone to track the most recent location to find them.

Iot based trackers for your children

These are small, fancy looking devices that you can put on your children to ensure their safety at all times.You can track them in real-time from any distance and with customised geofencing you can set up trusted places, like home or school, and you’re alerted when they leave or arrive at those places.

iot based Trackers for Pets

These trackers for pets can be put on their collar or leash so that you can monitor their movement 24×7 and can even pinpoint their exact location. They are enabled with geo-fencing and will send alerts to your smartphone anytime your pet escapes the house. Additionally, you can set fitness goals for your pet based on their breed, age and weight and even catch potential health issues with the help of the tracker by monitoring their licking, scratching and sleep patterns.

Home security using sensors(LPG, smoke detection etc)

Apart from all of the above, there can be emergency cases when no one is present at your house. Gas leakage, accidental fire can cause a lot of harm to property. To help with that, houses and other commercial buildings are equipped with sensors to secure your home using IoT. Gas sensors can detect gases like hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, propane, smoke, LPG, etc. Fire sensors are used to detect fire in the building. When these sensors are triggered the owner and the appropriate authorities are alerted. 

Apart from GPS,Common Technologies used for IoT based Tracking devices and Panic buttons are


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a good solution for short-range situations where the asset is going to remain in close proximity so that the device can receive the signals. BLE tags are preferred because they are inexpensive and come with a long battery life of upto 10 years.  


Low-power wide-area network options tags, even though costlier than BLE, provide a long-range connectivity along with a long battery life without the need of a huge infrastructure. These technologies are generally designed for periodic check-ins. LTE cat M1 and NBIoT are two most talked about LPWAN technologies.


These technologies are viable options for tracking but tend to be more expensive and make use of more power. They are generally used when data needs to be stored in the cloud , data packets are big and when the infrastructure can provide an external power source. 

At Psiborg Technologies, we have the vision to make society safer. You never know when an emergency could strike and for that we need to be cautious all the time. With IoT-enabled tracking devices and SoS devices, this vision can be achieved. We develop SoS and tracking devices for various emergency systems with the idea of innovation and hard work of our team. 

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