Cloud Integration Services

Cloud and edge computing in IoT

IoT Cloud Platform integration

IoT Cloud platforms consist of tools that can fetch data to analyze or compute. Cloud Computing and edge computing are one of the key factors for the success of the Internet of things. Cloud integration with IoT provides the necessary analytical tools and services to create IoT applications and is the pathway to transfer and store IoT data.  With IoT Cloud integration both IoT and Cloud technologies make it possible to use powerful processing of sensory data streams in the IoT devices.

IoT data Analysis on cloud

There are various big giants providing IOT Cloud platforms to businesses to accelerate their IoT growth. An IoT Cloud platform provides a ‘meeting point’ for all the connected devices and serves to collect and handle the data delivered over the network. Integrating IoT devices with cloud is becoming increasingly important for organizations to help them in quick prototyping.

IoT Big Data and Cloud computing


The implementation of IoT produces a huge amount of data. This data needs to be analyzed to provide information, stored, and accessed when required. The large data set collected from network-based systems is big Data. And this data can be controlled and monitored using a cloud application, or a IoT mobile application. Mostly MQTT is used to communicate between devices and Cloud Server. IoT cloud platforms provide all features integrated into one software, usually using a software as a service (SaaS) model. These platforms utilize AI and ML to present data to the users.


IoT Solution connects and allows communication between things (electronic hardware), people, and processes, and in this Cloud technologies has a vital role in the collaboration of these elements as well as in controlling and managing things remotely. An IoT dashboard or a Cloud Console allows users to monitoring underlying hardware and software elements from a single interface.

IoT Big Data and Cloud computing
IoT development and Microservices


Integrating Cloud technologies for your IoT devices depends on the requirements as well as the Project Scope. To deploy a large number of IoT devices, we use AWS IOT cloud , Microsoft Azure, or any other such platform as these platforms are highly scalable and provide quality of service with security. We offer IoT cloud integration solutions for Auto Scalable Cloud Deployment, Device management, Data modeling, and cloud connectors for managing hardware.

IoT Development and Microservices

Kubernetes has become the primary choice of developers to support their migration to new microservices architecture. As it addresses many complex challenges such as scalability, maintenance, and even migration to various different clouds. Rolling out changes/updates without any interruptions and downtimes is one of the key features of microservices. At PsiBorg, we also work on microservices architecture to make the software development and deployment process fast and efficient.

What is cloud integration in IoT?

Cloud integration is the process of integrating various cloud based systems into one cloud platform. These Cloud platforms provide hosting and storage to your IoT data, along with integrated analytical tools to analyse IoT data/

Does PsiBorg provide cloud platform integration services?

Yes, We also offer Cloud based platform integration services with your IoT Devices.

What IoT Cloud Platforms are generally used with IoT devices?

AWS IOT is the most used cloud platform for deploying IoT Devices.

Do you also offer integration of cloud computing with internet of things?

At PsiBorg , We provide full-stack IoT development services and IoT cloud integration is an integral part to make IoT devices live.

Do you also provide application integration services for IoT devices ?

Yes We provide both cloud and mobile App integration with Designing and developing IoT hardware. At PsiBorg, We are a team of Hardware designers, Firmware Designers, and application software developers.

Can I save device data in real time ?

Yes cloud storage provides real-time data sync and you can save your data anytime.

What are the benefits of IoT cloud platforms?

Data Mobility-
Time to market
Cost effectiveness

What does IoT Cloud platform provide?

IoT cloud platforms provide inbuilt tools for IoT app development ranging from cloud deployment to device management. It is also very useful for rapid prototyping.