Cloud Integration Services

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Cloud integration is the process of setting up multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a network that incorporates cloud integration, various applications communicate directly or through third-party software. We offer support and services in Auto Scalable Cloud Deployment, Device management, Data modelling, and cloud connectors for managing hardware.


Cloud deployment includes all of the required installation and configuration steps to be implemented before user provisioning can occur. Integrating IoT devices with traditionally owned and cloud-based enterprise data is becoming increasingly important for organizations to make sound business decisions. We provide IoT platform integration services to connect enterprise data across various nodes to create a holistic, contextual view of operational and user data. This helps in quick prototyping with the cloud-based IoT platform.

cloud integration services


Our Cloud Integration Services offer the following advantages over older compartmentalized organization methods: Each user can access personal data in real-time. Each user can access personal data from any location with Internet access. Each user can integrate personal data such as calendars and contact lists served by various application programs. Each user can use the same login information (username and password) for all personal applications. The system efficiently passes control messages between application programs. By avoiding the use of data silos, that is, isolated compartments, their integrity is maintained, and data conflicts (which can arise from redundancy) are avoided.

cloud integration services
cloud integration services


Cloud integration services have benefited companies in various ways. Companies became more organized with the help of cloud integration. Some of the cloud integration benefits include.

  • Efficient workflow and organization operations
  • Improvement in the flexibility of data handling.
  • Fewer security threats and internal communications become better.
  • Increases credibility.
  • Increase profit percentage and decrease the cost for processes.


Cloud integration can be categorized into two types, i.e. data integration and application integration. Data integration: Data integration can be referred to as the process of synchronizing the data collected from different repositories.Application integration: In this type of cloud integration, different applications are integrated on the cloud platform and arranged for a synchronized functionality.

cloud integration


Cloud integration offers scalability to allow for future expansion in terms of the number of users, number of applications, or both. Our Cloud applications meet certain service level requirements for availability and performance. A cloud application management console allows administrators to monitor underlying hardware and software elements from a single interface. The interface can integrate vertical components in the resource stack (servers,storage, middleware, etc.) with a horizontal set of applications that could contribute to worker productivity. The mission is to create an integrated cloud application management view that corresponds to the workers’ view of your information resources. This helps ensure the quality of the cloud application (QoE) experience.

cloud integration

What is cloud integration ?

Cloud integration is the process of integrating various cloud based systems into one cloud platform. Basically cloud integration allows us to connect local resources and cloud elements from different clouds into one

Is cloud integration similar to storage drive applications ?

The storage drive applications such as Google drive, are the kind of cloud storage but different from cloud integration services. Cloud integration can be seen as integrating various cloud storages like Google drive, Yahoo drive, Microsoft drive into one single drive.

How will I ensure data security ?

Cloud storage is mostly password protected. While in cloud integration you can decide the authority of the drive i.e you can decide who can view, comment or edit the data. you can also decide who can access the data and who cannot.

Can I make cloud data particularly for different departments of my company ?

Yes you can create different storages for different departments and decide the access authority of each cloud.

Can I save device data in real time ?

Yes cloud storage provides real time data sync and you can save your data anytime.

How can I handle data redundancy in the cloud ?

The data is kept updating by the cloud without storing redundant data. Although you can check the history of changes which are saved in the cloud.