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Cloud Based IoT Platform


Cloud Computing integration is one of the key factors for the success of Internet of things. Cloud integration services provide the necessary analytical tools and services to create IoT applications and is the pathway to transfer and store IoT data, also known as Cloud data integration services. The use of both IoT and Cloud technologies makes it possible to use powerful processing of sensory data streams and monitoring devices with IoT Integration services.

CLOUD DEPLOYMENT & IoT integration

There are various big giants providing IOT Cloud platforms to the businesses to accelerate their IoT growth. An IoT Cloud platform provides a ‘meeting point’ for all the connected devices and serves to collect and handle the data delivered over the network making them online.IoT cloud platforms can be called as a hosting platform for IoT and Big Data as well as for processing and data analytics. Cloud deployment includes installation and configuration of the Cloud based Platform before user provisioning can occur. Integrating IoT devices with cloud is becoming increasingly important for organizations to help them in quick prototyping.

cloud integration services


The implementation of IoT produces a huge amount of data. This data needs to be analysed to provide information, stored and accessed when required. Big Data is the large data set collected from network-based systems. The Cloud is the location where this data is processed, accessed and stored. And this data can be controlled and monitored using IoT dashboard, cloud application or a IoT mobile application. Mostly MQTT is used to communicate between devices and Cloud Server. IoT cloud platforms provide all features integrated in one software, usually using a software as a service (SaaS) model. These platforms utilize AI and ML to present data to the users. These platforms are used for deployment of large number of IoT devices.


IoT Solution connects and allows communication between things (electronic hardware), people, and process, and in this Cloud technologies has it’s vital role in the collaboration of these elements to create a high visibility and connection. A IoT dashboard or a Cloud Console allows administrators to monitor underlying hardware and software elements from a single interface.

cloud integration services
cloud integration services


Scalability– IoT cloud platform services offer flexibility in limiting/increasing your storage, edit software settings or scaling the number of IoT-enabled devices.
Data Mobility– The stored data in the cloud server can be accessed from phones, tablets or laptops and devices can be controlled and monitored remotely.
Time to market– These Platforms helps in quick prototyping as most features required are already built and just needed to be integrated in the application.
Security– With the increasing number of IoT devices, security concerns emerge. Cloud solutions provide companies with reliable authentication and encryption protocols.
Cost effectiveness– Costs vary depending on the use cases. The payment is made as per the usage. Also the business losses resulting from service downtimes can be minimized as these cloud platforms are well organised and keep the quality of services.

cloud integration


Integrating Cloud technologies for your IoT devices depends on the requirements as well as the Project Scope.  We develop applications using MQTT or HTTP for Prototyping generally, as number of devices are less . To deploy a large number of IoT devices, we use AWS IOT cloud , Microsoft Azure or any other such platform as these platforms are highly scalable and provides quality of service with security.
In every IoT solution, there is a need to visualize all the collected Data from the devices. Hence every IoT solution requires an Application from where this data can be accessed, monitored and controlled, which is not possible without integrating cloud technologies with the required solution.

We offer cloud integration solutions and Auto Scalable Cloud Deployment, Device management, Data modelling, and cloud connectors for managing hardware. We provide IoT platform integration services to connect enterprise data across various nodes to create a holistic, contextual view of operational and user data.

cloud integration

What is cloud integration in IoT?

Cloud integration is the process of integrating various cloud based systems into one cloud platform. These Cloud platforms provide hosting and storage to your IoT data, along with integrated analytical tools to analyse IoT data/

Does PsiBorg provide cloud platform integration services?

Yes, We also offer Cloud based platform integration services with your IoT Devices.

What IoT Cloud Platforms are generally used with IoT devices?

AWS IOT is mostly used for deploying IoT Devices. Azure IoT Cloud and  Google Cloud IoT are also preferred.

Do you also provide application integration services for IoT devices ?

Yes We provide both cloud and mobile App integration with Designing and developing IoT hardware. At PsiBorg, We are a team of Hardware designers , Firmware Designers and application software developers.

Can I save device data in real time ?

Yes cloud storage provides real time data sync and you can save your data anytime.

How can I handle data redundancy in the cloud ?

The data is kept updating by the cloud without storing redundant data. Although you can check the history of changes which are saved in the cloud.