How Investments in IoT Application Development Have Transformed the Industries?

IoT application development has changed not just businesses but the way people live. Smart Home Automation systems, Smart Security Systems,etc
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Are you a business owner looking to know about the importance of IoT application development and how it can transform your business? Then you must read this article as we will be sharing how investments in IoT application development have transformed businesses into different industries.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the revolutionary technologies that has transformed many industries in the modern world. IoT applications are developed with the principle of interconnecting various physical devices like sensors, thermostats, and other electronic hardware to communicate with each other and work as a whole using the internet.

In simple, no human intervention is required for their operations or communication for working thus making them totally automated solutions. IoT solution development has changed not just businesses but the way people live and use technology. Smart Home Automation systemsSmart Security Systems, etc are some of the good examples of IoT applications that are being used by people currently.

IoT applications are developed and being used in various industries to save costs and time. Even though they are being used widely right now there are still a lot of scopes to use them for various activities across different industries transforming the way they operate. Let me share with you some examples of how IoT application development is transforming different industries.


Innovative IoT application development in the health care industry has not just made things easy but helped in providing better services to the patients. For example, let’s talk about connected wearable devices.

Connected wearable devices can be a smartwatch or wrist bands or any other smart medical device that an individual can wear that communicates with a mobile app on a smartphone. Wearing such devices, any patient, especially those discharged from a hospital, can collect and see the data like:

  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Walking Distance
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Blood Sugar Levels

And many more things that can be highly useful. This data can also be sent to a doctor helping them monitor their patients discharged remotely by observing the symptoms and behavior of the body for the medical treatment given to them. It further helps in avoiding any problems for the patient as the data would be transmitted in real-time, helping doctors address it on time.

In the case of agriculture, real-time monitoring of the soil and climate conditions is essential for preventing potential damage to the crops, giving you enough time to take safety measures. Apart from that, IoT sensors and Applications can help in various ways such as monitoring soil conditions, water usage, etc. so the crop would harvest giving a great yield.

So, investing in smart Sensors and other IoT applications would make the agriculture process easier, helping farmers in farming effectively.


The major drawback of offline retail showrooms is that most don’t have enough space to showcase all the models they have especially in the case of fashion or furniture industries.

IoT has been transforming the retail industry with a lot of new applications using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for allowing people to shop and experience the products without actually visiting a physical store.

This helps potential customers make a decision and buy their desired products easily by shopping online. Thus helping the retail brands to sell their products and expand their eCommerce business.


IoT application solutions can help in saving the fuel used by vehicles for moving from one place to another. Additionally, applications using smart sensors can help in monitoring the temperature inside so that essential food products don’t get damaged before reaching their destination. IoT applications can also be used for monitoring how the drivers are driving the vehicles.

Many companies are using the IoT applications for smart parking as well so that only vehicles that belong to their business would be allowed to enter the parking area using Optical Code Recognition systems. Automated transport vehicles are being developed for transportation to a particular destination without the need for a driver by utilizing GPS systems.


This is one of the industries where providing the best customer experience can help in driving more customers and revenues for businesses. There are many hotels that started using IoT solutions for better satisfaction and staying experience of the customers.

For example, let’s consider a voice-controlled IoT solution in a hotel room. These allow the customers in the room to adjust the lighting or temperature without the need to move from where they are only through command. Thus providing a better-staying experience in the hotel making it unique and different from its competitors.

Additionally, they are also being used for reducing power consumption when it is empty by using different types of sensors that detect the presence of individuals. Thus saving the costs on the power bills for the hotel management.


IoT applications are being used by manufacturers and factory owners across different businesses for tracking their assets. They are also being used for predicting machine maintenance after analyzing the data so that they would also get maintenance done on time without any failure.

Thus increasing the efficiency and production of the things in the factories helps the manufacturers gain more profits from their businesses reducing the operation costs.

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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can be developed and used for various kinds of purposes across different types of industries. It is proven that they can help in monitoring, tracking, etc for different types of operations, helping you save operational costs. Moreover, using them you can generate more revenues increasing the profits of your business.

If you are looking to hire a company for IoT application development then feel free to contact PsiBorg. We have developed prototypes for clients across different countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etc along with India. We develop IoT solutions, Embedded solutions, and IoT consulting Services. Please get in touch for more details.


Vidushi Gupta (CEO)

After a successful stint in a power electronics company, Vidushi is back to what she enjoys the most- conceptualizing new IoT solutions to solve business problems. As the CEO of PsiBorg, she successfully manages to apply her technical and management skills, along with her passion for building new IoT solutions for businesses in all domains.

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