PubNub based IoT applications

In developing any web, mobile, or IoT application, it is extremely pertinent to make sure that the application has scalability, security, and reliability. This is so because! do not design it in this way, the product might fail in its infancy. While developing an IoT application, scalability without even a single service outage is one of the most important aspects. PubNub based IoT applications provide built-in features which in turn expedite the development process.

Additionally, make sure to keep your stack updates secure and devise better ways to receive alerts. Although all of these things seem pretty tough to manage, the availability of solutions like Pub Nub is making it all easier for you. It is always a good idea to create your application with the mindset of growing the product, rather than being exposed to vulnerabilities while scaling.

PubNub is a great solution to consider anyway. Let’s find out more details about how it can work for you:

What is PubNub?

PubNub is one of the most popular data stream networks. It is quite easy to use and provides a secure real-time communication API for web and mobile applications.
PubNub offers services that will help any developer in scaling their products to thousands of devices in a short span of the time period as well as bringing down latency all around the world. It is quite amazing to note that PubNub comes with more than 70 SDKs.

Overall, it is one of the easiest services to connect your real-time IoT devices, meant to offer great services, performance, and reliability to its users. 

Furthermore, this solution can also help the developers to save their valuable time by offering better means for application management in a more amazing way.

Features provided by PubNub based IoT applications

Here’s a list of the features that developers get while using PubNub for IoT applications:

  • Functions

It offers a set of customizable microservices that give developers a simple way to add code and deploy features for realtime apps.

  • Publish/Subscribe Messaging 

This is another useful feature for developers with the help of which they get real time data streaming and device signaling, and includes built in AES encryption and optional TLS/SSL encryption. The atomic components that make up a data stream are API Keys, Messages, and Channels. 

  • Online Presence Detection 

It enables tracking of the online and offline status of users and devices in realtime. Presence events are triggered when a connected device subscribes or unsubscribes from a channel or times out. The Presence API also includes a “state” feature allowing for the persistent tracking of any name-value pair a software developer specifies, such as a “typing” event indicator in a basic chat application.

  • Access Management 

This facility provides fine grain read and writes access control on a per user, device, or channel basis. This adds an extra layer of security and enables the syndication of streams by providing authorization to individual users, as well as granting/revoking permissions at the channel or key level.

  • Data Stream Controller

It multiplexes individual data streams as a single persistent connection and helps in the centralization of control of the creation and modification of groups of data channels at the server level.

  • Storage & Playback 

It enables the storage of messages as they are published to a data channel, and retrieves them from high-availability storage clusters later. Data streams can also be replayed as they were broadcast in real-time.

  • Mobile Push Notifications

This is another handy feature that bridges native Pub/Sub Messaging API publishing with third-party push notification services including Google Android GCM, Apple iOS APNS, and Microsoft Windows Phone MSNP. The developing, configuring, and maintenance of server-side components for third-party providers is provided by the PubNub API

pubnub based IoT Application

Benefits of using PubNub in IoT applications

  • Significantly Low Latency

In utilizing server-side solutions, reduced latency comes out to be one of the best benefits to consider. Every app has users globaly.PubNub is operating across multiple regions and offering lower latency, 

  • Lesser need for focus on app infrastructure 

PubNub helps its users to focus on the core functionalities of their applications. It can let them focus on building applications rather than managing app infrastructure. 

  • Greater scalability

PubNub is one of the most scalable application development solutions. It will allow its users to scale their resources whenever their application grows. Scaling services with PubNub is super easy. 

  • Lower cost 

Using PubNub for IoT applications will let you cut down on your app development costs. This solution is making it easier for developers to start for free and scale their resources as per the need.

PubNub for IoT application Use Cases

Here’s a list of the most prominent use cases of PubNub:

  • IoT Device control 

If you intend to develop an effective IoT device control solution, then you can hardly afford not to know about the PubNub APIs that are available for bidirectional monitoring solutions. Even more, it is also triggering device action to ensure better control. 

  • Alert and notifications 

PubNub offers amazing APIs meant to deliver real-time alerts that include mobile push notifications, SMS alerts and in-app alerts for more effective interactions in the best possible way. 

  • In-app chat

PubNub use cases include powerful and feature-rich chat APIs for groups, one-to-one chats, and live events of messaging that are highly reliable and secure.


PubNub is definitely one of the most secure and reliable data streaming solutions for IoT application development. We, at PsiBorg, specialize in the use of PubNub technology for developing IoT applications. Do reach out to us for more information on this.

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