IoT based FAQ


What is Iot development ?

The Internet of Things is one of the best technologies which is helping individuals, businesses as well as sectors to grow with rapid speed. IOT development is a name given to the process of developing various devices, applications, etc. that include the Internet of Things.

How can PsiBorg Technologies provide IoT development service in the US ?

Psiborg technologies is providing services in the US, UK, and all around the world. The IoT development services are provided as they are provided in India. The software development deliverables will be delivered online and hardware deliverables can be couriered.

What are IoT boards ?

IoT boards are the circuit boards used to develop and integrate devices like sensors so that the smart device can perform the required functions

How much time does it take for IoT development ?

The time needed for IoT development depends on the complexity of the project and device requirements.

What is needed by the team for successful IoT development ?

For IoT development, our team needs a complete requirement document from the client. The requirement document should be clear and it should include the goal of the device.

What technologies and platforms are used by PsiBorg technologies for IoT development ?

Psiborg Technologies uses the latest tools and technologies for IoT development. We are always updated about the market trends so that whenever a new technology is introduced, we start experimenting with it.


What is an embedded system ?

An embedded system is a computer system that is developed to perform particular tasks with the help of sensors or our devices.

What is the difference between firmware and embedded systems ?

Firmware is a sub domain of embedded systems. Basically embedded systems are complete computer systems whereas firmware is code running in embedded systems.

How long does it take to develop a complete Embedded system ?

No particular timeline can be decided for the development of an embedded system. It depends on the requirements of the system and it can take from 1 month to 6 months.

What deliverables will I get if I take Embedded solutions ?

We will provide you the complete embedded solution. All the required deliverables will be delivered to the client.

What tools are you using for embedded solutions ?

We are using the latest softwares for designing the system as well as have complete working experience on the latest technologies.


What is embedded hardware?

An embedded hardware is the hardware part used in embedded systems. The embedded hardware includes all the physical devices such as sensors, actuators, registers, ICs, etc.

What are the embedded hardware challenges in IoT product development ?

The embedded hardware development comes with numerous challenges including MCU choice, technology, power optimization, security, etc. Read more about embedded hardware challenges at

How do I design an Embedded System Hardware?

  1. Inception: Understanding, Gathering, and realizing the possibility.
  2. Design: Transformation of the idea into a circuit design.
  3. Review: Reviewing the circuit design and functionality at every point.
  4. Prototype: Building a Proof of Concept
  5. Testing and Validation: Testing the prototype and validating it with the customer.
  6. Manufacturing: Fabrication of the Printed Circuit Board and it’s Assembly.
  7. Maintenance: Product lifetime support

What material will be used in embedded hardware design ?

Embedded hardware design can be a tedious job. The material used for designing and development of embedded hardware is based on the functionalities of the system.


What is Embedded firmware development ?

Embedded firmware development is basically writing the code which runs on Embedded hardware. It is not something you do on a full-fledged PC, but say on a micro-controller or a microprocessor. Think of it like the firmware inside your washing machine, or a microwave or a refrigerator. It does not seem like a software, but something is in there that controls the sensors, peripherals, motors, timers etc.

Does firmware development is similar to PCB circuit design ?

No firmware development is different from PCB circuit designs as PCB designing is on hardware circuit board whereas firmware is writing the code.

I want a compact size module. How can I make it ?

Compact size modules can be made by integrating small mini size equipment. The different sizes of electronic devices such as sensors and microcontrollers are available in the market.

Can you design a micro size device ?

Yes we can design micro size devices.

Do I need to get my firmware updates regularly ?

Firmware upgradation is required for better performance of the device. Regular firmware updates includes software updation which helps in increasing the speed of the device. The development bugs which are shown in the softwares will be fixed during the updates. Basically firmware updates are required for better device performance and enhancing overall speed.

Do you provide firmware services in the UK/US ?

Yes we provide firmware services in the UK/ US and all over the world.


What is an IoT dashboard ?

An IoT dashboard is the control panel for the IoT devices. It can be seen as a data visualisation tool where real time values will be displayed that are collected by the smart device.

Why do I need an IoT dashboard ?

AN IoT dashboard is required to control the smart device and to keep a check on the device functionalities.

Do I need a different dashboard for different smart devices ?

No more than one smart device can be integrated with one IoT dashboard. All you need to do is sitch the IoT devices from the dashboard window.

Will my dashboard change it's terms according to location ?

The IoT dashboard works according to the device. If the device location changes then the IoT dashboard will display the data accordingly.

How can I access my IoT dashboard with my mobile ?

You can access the IoT dashboard via mobile application which is associated with the smart device and dashboard.

Can an IoT dashboard tell whenever there is physical damage to the device ?

Yes, an IoT dashboard is designed by keeping in mind that any damage to the device can be detected in early age without a delay.


What is cloud integration ?

Cloud integration is the process of integrating various cloud based systems into one cloud platform. Basically cloud integration allows us to connect local resources and cloud elements from different clouds into one

Is cloud integration similar to storage drive applications ?

The storage drive applications such as Google drive, are the kind of cloud storage but different from cloud integration services. Cloud integration can be seen as integrating various cloud storages like Google drive, Yahoo drive, Microsoft drive into one single drive.

How will I ensure data security ?

Cloud storage is mostly password protected. While in cloud integration you can decide the authority of the drive i.e you can decide who can view, comment or edit the data. you can also decide who can access the data and who cannot.

Can I make cloud data particularly for different departments of my company ?

Yes you can create different storages for different departments and decide the access authority of each cloud.

Can I save device data in real time ?

Yes cloud storage provides real time data sync and you can save your data anytime.

How can I handle data redundancy in the cloud ?

The data is kept updating by the cloud without storing redundant data. Although you can check the history of changes which are saved in the cloud


What is the impact of IoT on the future of Web application design and development ?

IoT is leading towards a huge impact in every known sector. Web app design is not spared. Every IoT system, be it large or small, needs a dashboard to visualise the data inflow and control the connected devices. Web apps (and for the same case, mobile apps) are generally preferred over proprietary softwares because of their versatile nature, making it easy to access with whatever device you find lying around. If we talk about the design of web applications, the industry is slowly transitioning towards prioritising what’s important about the IoT network.

What services are available under web application development ?

We provide complete web application development services. Our services include IoT web apps, custom web application, ecommerce Web application, web application CMS, Web application consulting, web application design, etc.

Can I get a web application for my IoT device ?

Yes we can create the web application for your IoT device. We need the complete device specifications and requirements from your end.

Is web application development different from website development ?

A web application is a responsive application which runs on the browser and can be accessed on different devices.

Can you develop web applications for US and UK based users ?

Yes, we can design and develop custom web applications for clients from the UK and US.


What is PCB designing ?

PCB designing is the process of designing the system into physical form. Layout softwares is used to place the circuit components and routing these components for defining electrical connectivity of each component.

What you need to know about PCB design and Manufacturing ?

There are several requirements for PCB design and manufacturing. We need to know the functions of the device so that sensors can be chosen according. The size of the device is also required.

What are good softwares for PCB designing ?

There are various softwares available to design a PCB. We work on all types of softwares as per the requirements.

What Are The Inputs You Need To Design A Pcb ?

The inputs required to design a PCB are:

  • Mechanical drawing of the PCB
  • BOM
  • Schematic diagram

What material is used for PCB design circuits ?

The material used in PCB design circuit has components soldered to the circuit board as per the requirements of the device.the components work to achieve various functionalities of the device.

How will PsiBorg technologies deliver the PCB design to US clients ?

We will design the PCB circuit board on the PCB design software. After the approval the Gerber file of the design can be delivered to the US client.


How can I consult for my smart device ?

You can share your query via mail with full device specifications along with the pictures of your device if already developed.

Can I get my smart device and application reviewed under this service ?

Yes we can review your smart device or application and will give you suggestions for the project.

Can I get suggestions about my smart device ?

Yes you can get best suggestions from us and we will provide you with a prototype of your device so that you can get a clear picture of your product.

Can I get consultation for a US/UK based IoT application ?

Yes we provide consultation services all around the globe