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With inventory management, logistics and other processes, IoT is changing the e-commerce industry not just from the outside but inside as well.

The IoT sensors and RFID (radio Frequency Identification) tags brought a drastic change in the way the inventory has been organized. All the important information like products per category, availability, expiration date and others can be accessed without manual efforts. This enables the customers to check if the product is in stock or not and business owners to control the quality and quantity of the product. With the help of this technology the tracking has been much accurate and detailed. The location of the product, the delivery speed, storage conditions and everything important can be known so as to avoid losses.
Yet another amazing feature of the implementation is that it can find things in case of theft or loss. Missing the opportunities can be dangerous for business and that can be easily avoided with IoT in e-commerce.We ,at PsiBorg, have also created different ecommerce platforms ((app-web) for our clients along with implementation of IoT.