Firmware/device OS

We are specialized in Development of Firmware and Embedded software design. Varying from Industrial and home automation, Home Security, Personal and Asset tracking, Telematics, M2M solutions, Device Drivers, Automotive systems and much more to suit specific requirements.Our Ecosystem consists of Development across 8-32 bit MCU architectures for Bare-Metal and Real Time & Embedded OS platforms in C.The debug and trace tools address latest trends of Debugging, Energy Trace with support for JTAG/Serial Wire Debug (SWD).

IoT product


Our team has hands-on experience in implementing different network protocols, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet,NBIoT, LTE CatM, TCP/IP, LoRaWAN, ZigBee, Sub-1ghz,Cellular,RFID,AMQP,Bluetooth Low Energy and architecture.Our firmware developers have deep expertise with many microprocessors and microcontrollers including TI, ARM, STM, ATMEL, PIC and Device Drivers.

IoT product

What is cloud integration ?

Cloud integration is the process of integrating various cloud based systems into one cloud platform. Basically cloud integration allows us to connect local resources and cloud elements from different clouds into one

Is cloud integration similar to storage drive applications ?

The storage drive applications such as Google drive, are the kind of cloud storage but different from cloud integration services. Cloud integration can be seen as integrating various cloud storages like Google drive, Yahoo drive, Microsoft drive into one single drive.

How will I ensure data security ?

Cloud storage is mostly password protected. While in cloud integration you can decide the authority of the drive i.e you can decide who can view, comment or edit the data. you can also decide who can access the data and who cannot.

Can I make cloud data particularly for different departments of my company ?

Yes you can create different storages for different departments and decide the access authority of each cloud.

Can I save device data in real time ?

Yes cloud storage provides real time data sync and you can save your data anytime.

How can I handle data redundancy in the cloud ?

The data is kept updating by the cloud without storing redundant data. Although you can check the history of changes which are saved in the cloud.