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Building IoT solutions involves bringing together a heterogeneous mix of technologies ensuring interoperability, scalability and security.
Psiborg offers full-fledged services for the development of an IoT solution.

IoT Hardware Design and Development

PsiBorg is the provider of best IoT hardware design and development services. We build IoT hardware components which best fits customer needs. Our hardware solutions are easy to install and reliable. The IoT devices we build are modular in size and can be fit as per the customer requirement. The IoT Hardware Development includes delivering of initial prototype to manufacturing design.

Firmware/device OS

We are specialized in Development of Firmware and Embedded software design. Varying from Industrial and home automation, Home Security, Personal and Asset tracking, Telematics, M2M solutions, Device Drivers, Automotive systems and much more to suit specific requirements. As a firmware devices and OS service provider, we deliver complete support for customised boards, application-specific operations programming, protocol component development which are used to communicate with hardware devices. We also optimize the architecture of firmware memory in order to make it fit in the memory constraint of the chipset.

Cloud Deployment and Custom Visualisation Dashboards

We offer support and services in Auto Scalable Cloud Deployment, Device management, Data modelling and cloud connectors for managing hardware. We smartly move the business IT infrastructure to cloud in an organised way without disrupting the services. Cloud deployment includes all of the required installation and configuration steps that must be implemented before user provisioning can occur.

App development

Working with a team of skilled professionals, we deliver quality Mobile app or Web App development services to our customers. Our app development service includes all from simplest to complex web and mobile applications such as,IoT mobile app for any sector, content management systems, custom web apps, web based internet applications, ecommerce websites, social networking sites, etc. With years of experience in technologies we have delivered many successful projects worldwide.

Consulting in IoT products conceptualization

With years of hand on experience of working with IoT hardware and software products, we are aware of almost all about IoT. To enhance our knowledge we provide consulting services. for IoT products The consultation provided by us can help you enhance your product design and build IoT devices.

Outsourced services

We are partners with different industries for PCB manufacturing and Assembly ,3D printing and Moulding, saving time. Taking care of your complete product requirement. We work alongside these partners and get the product developed in the most feasible way. We take the hassle from you and get everything done so that you don’t have to communicate to multiple people for a project.