Today, as the world population is aging and chronic diseases are on a rise, the healthcare services are costlier than ever. This is the reason why these services are becoming out of reach to most of those who need it. A major part of the society is suffering and can’t help growing old with the illness. Thankfully, IoT is there to help.

While technology can’t be used to keep people off aging or chronic illness, it can at least make healthcare more affordable. For instance, medical check-ups can be very heavy on the pocket but with technology, those pricey bills can be avoided. It can help move the patients’ check-up from hospital to their own homes and thus, less expensive.

With this technology, not only the quality of treatment will improve but there would also be a paradigm shift in healthcare. It’s interesting how the real-time monitoring through the connected devices can save lives in a situation of medical emergencies like heart failure, diabetes, asthma attacks, high blood pressure etc.The IoT device is built a way that it can collect and transfer the health data and reports to the doctors (blood report, weight, ECG etc) and there happens an information exchange between machines.Also, since it’s all technologically driven, it brings down the cost by cutting down unnecessary doctor’s visits, putting resources to better use and improvement in planning. IoT is here to change the way the facilities are delivered to the healthcare sector causing larger effects by bringing smaller changes.