IoT Based Fleet Tracking and Management

What is Fleet Tracking and Management?

Managing a pool of commercial vehicles can be a challenge, so it is important to control the entire lifecycle of commercial vehicles alongside reducing associated risk, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and ensuring compliance with legislation. IoT-based fleet tracking can very well automate the fleet of vehicles and make the process hassle-free.

Fleet management is most required by logistics service providers, e-commerce delivery, courier services oil and gas delivery, utilities, repair, and service industry businesses to ensure responsible vehicle use, confirm safety and enable real-time tracking. Although commonly associated with delivering cars and trucks, the boating industry uses fleet management technology as well. 

IoT-based Fleet Tracking

An IoT-enabled fleet tracking and management solution help companies gain competitive advantages by automating processes in a cloud-based platform and providing real-time visibility into everything that goes on in the field. 

IoT works through three main technologies in fleet management – RFID, GPS, and OBD II’s.

GPS and OBD II help to obtain real-time information on vehicle maintenance, routes, and driving conditions whereas RFID contributes to controlling and tracking products and shipments.

Fleet management and tracking using GPS

Solutions Offered By IoT in Fleet Management

IoT offers Better Visibility to fleet managers

Connecting to fleet vehicles through installed telematics devices, their current GPS location and activity status on a web map can be fetched by the mobile application or the web panel, together with other reports and analytics that help improve dispatch, and route planning, and business logistics. This real-time visibility is what helps you gain flexibility in your resource allocation, better planning, and quick adaptability to changes in the situation.

With real-time GPS location, businesses can provide customers with the exact times of arrival or instantly update the route for a customer emergency.

Ensures Instant Improvements & Quick Decisions

When IoT is implemented properly, it guarantees an instant improvement in performance by optimum utilization of resources. Collecting and sharing the information quickly can help in taking action in real-time thereby helping a company make instant improvements and quick decisions.

Clever Monitoring For Preventive Maintenance of fleet

IoT-based fleet can collect data on vehicle diagnostics, such as speed, harsh acceleration or braking, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, tire pressure, and more. So, it also helps in monitoring driver behavior on the road to ensure safety and compliance, as well as minimize the risk of crashes and liability.

In case of a crash, the hardware connected to the vehicle’s engine module will send an alert to the head office indicating a collision, so help can be sent to the driver without delay.  

The technique also ensures that the fleet manager receives alerts for services like coolant temperature, low battery, inspection reminders, check engine, and other factors that are essential for the maintenance of your vehicles and to keep them safe and running in top form for a longer period.

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Analyzing data generated by various vehicles in iot dashboard or on the mobile app

A fleet with lots of vehicles generates huge data and information such as miles logged, fuel consumption, vehicle utilization, speed tracking, and much more.

Before IoT, a fleet manager had to collect all the information manually leading to significant lapses in inefficiency. However, with the onset of IoT, fleet managers have ample time to gather the data, analyze it and understand the issues of the vehicles in the IoT Dashboard itself.

Any Time Remote Tracking of the vehicle is Possible

Internet of Things helps logistic companies to track daily operations through cloud-based solutions and helps the fleet manager to track fleets in a remote areas from any time, anywhere. The technology also comes in handy when the vehicles are down during bad weather.

Fuel Optimization

One of the biggest concerns for fleet managers is the rising cost of fuel. IoT is also helpful in ensuring fuel efficiency. The behavior and driving style of drivers affect the fuel efficiency of a fleet hugely.

A fleet operator can educate the drivers to practice optimized fuel utilization based on information.


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