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Logistics management has been one of the areas that require monitoring multiple activities at the same time like supply chain, warehousing etc. there are numerous delay-causing factors that can affect the process. To streamline the processes and improve customer satisfaction, IoT has a lot to offer that the logistics sector can embrace.Businesses that depend on manufacturing, warehousing and storage can have constant visibility into the inventory through real-time information fetched with the help of smart devices. It also helps to track the precise location of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods .This saves a plenty of time for the man-power to perform more important, insightful and challenging tasks.

The IoT provides enterprises with tools for planning, monitoring and increasing operational security. Companies require IoT to improve the process of logistics both inside and outside the warehouse.The connected applications strengthen the control over who enters the warehouse at a given time, keep track of all items and alert the manager if anything goes missing; thereby, enhanced security and theft detection.The real-time data sharing aids decision making and helps streamlining delivering and thus, better results.We ,at PsiBorg, have also created different logistics platforms (app-web) for our clients along with implementation of IoT.